Intro to Exporting

What IS an Exporter?
To create 3D Assets for sale in the IMVU Catalog, you need a way to get them from your chosen 3D Application to the Cal3D format that will work inside the IMVU Client.

To do this we have created an Exporter that will work with 3D Studio Max versions 2007-2017. The Exporter will be automatically be installed by the IMVU Unified Installer and and appear when it is time for you to Export your models from 3D Studio Max.

Once you have created all of your Assets... your model is finished and textured, your Nodes are Linked and Mesh Weighted, you are ready to start Exporting your files for the Create Mode Editor. As a Creator, you will need to make sure you install the IMVU Unified Installer. When it is time to Export it will be these specific file formats that you will be using most and manually importing into the Create Mode Editor.

NOTE: In the case of ALL of these file formats, you will need to MANUALLY type in the suffix (i.e. .xsf etc.) for each Exported file. If you do not, the Exported file will not work in the Create Mode Editor.

These are the file formates the 3D Max Export menu will show once you run the IMVU Unified Installer.

When you Export your Skeleton or Root, with all of its Linked Nodes, you will be Exporting it as a Skeleton File, or .XSF

All of your Meshes will be Exported as Mesh Files, or .XMF. Remember that your Mesh cannot be Exported until it has been properly Weighted to either the Root/Skeleton Node, or to a Node Linked to the Root/Skeleton.

It is also important to remember to always Export your Skeleton .XSF file FIRST, before Exporting your Mesh files. This is also true if you make any changes to either your Node placements, or even a single Vertex in your product. When making any change, it is safest to re-Export everything, starting with the .XSF file.

It is no longer necessary to manually export XRF files to the Create Mode Editor, this is now done automatically.

This is the file format for Skeleton (Node) Animations (and the Meshes Weighted to them) that add movement your model.

This is the file format for Exporting Morph Animations that alter or deform the Mesh in any way.

Each Export type is described in depth in their own tutorials, so we highly recommend you review these as you work your way through the process of bringing your design from your 3D application into the Create Mode Editor Catalog.
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