Avatar Animation Files

Avatar Animation Files
There are several versions of Avatar animation files found in the Unified Installer.  All of them have been built for use in 3DS MAX.  It is important to know that both Male and Female avatars use the same skeleton.  Therefore, animations will work for both products 80 (the female avatar) and 191 (the male avatar). This is why we only include one mesh version for some of our animation files - as it really doesn't matter to the final animation. It only helps to have the Male geometry when making Male specific animations (like Idles) but we offer the file anyway. To reiterate, though, any animation you build on the avatar skeleton can be used for both Male and Female avatars.

Rigged Avatar
The first of the animation files, the Rigged Avatar is arguably the easiest to use as all of the inverse kinematics have been worked out. The Joystick controls can be automatically installed by using the Unified Installer.  Once installed, to activate the Joystick controls in 3DS Max, select the "Select and Manipulate" tool. To learn more about the Rigged Avatar file, please consult the Rigged Avatar Tutorial.

While most animations are achievable with the Rigged Avatar file above, you might find yourself unable to get exactly the animation you want. If so, you can just use Female Action or Male Action files (which can be installed with the Unified Installer) These contain no IK linking and so are a little harder to animate with. That said, they are more flexible than the avatar rig.  Applying motion capture to these files is not as easy as the Bipeds listed below but should be fairly straightforward.

Last but not least are the Biped rigs. These files are useful for applying motion capture data. However, these have been handy only for a select few individuals. As IMVU does not use these files internally, we highly recommend using the other avatar files above for building your animations.

New Actions
If you're interested in learning how to get a new avatar Actions to show up in your product, please read the Avatar Actions and the Actions Tab Tutorials.

Coop Export tip
In the hopes that IMVU allows Creators to make their own Cooperative Actions some day, we figure you ought to know how that, when exporting from the CooperativeAnimation file, you ought to delete Avatar A when exporting Avatar B, and vice versa.
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