Creator Valentine’s Contest 2018

Love is in the air...

It's that time again at IMVU for the Valentine's Day season. We're running a contest for creators and anyone interested in becoming a creator, now's your chance to get involved and win big! This year, one of our Creators, JazzKat has been gracious enough to host our illustrious Community Manager ShannonMac. Shannon will be learning to mesh the word 'LOVE' , you can participate in the streams every Tuesday and Thursday on JazzKat's Twitch Stream or watch them later! 
Be sure to check out IMVU Creator Jazzkat’s pre-recorded tutorials to learn how meshes are made and maybe find some inspiration from the texturing demos for your own entries! You can ask questions live and follow along at your own pace.


To start, join the Creator Program! It's easy and you can earn real money and credits! Creators should enter the contest by deriving from ShannonMac’s Valentine’s item once created. Texture ShannonMac's mesh however you like! Keep it within community guidelines, and get creative! We're excited to see what you do with it. Please do not use copyrighted material.


Streams begin January 16th and run through Feb 13, every Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm PST right HERE on JazzKat's channel. DEADLINE TO ENTER: February 13th Winners will be announced LIVE by ShannonMac on February 14th!



To enter the contest, please derive from ShannonMac’s Valentine’s Mesh once complete. All entries must be derived from ShannonMac’s base product between Jan 30th and 6pm PST Feb 13th. Submissions should be new to the catalog and not re submissions of old products. Do not use COPYRIGHT or TRADEMARK textures, please make your own! Any theft, whether it be images, meshes or animation, will disqualify you. Entries that do not meet proper anti-seizure guidelines will be disqualified ( is no limit to how many times you can enter. If we receive an overwhelming number of entries, we may revise this rule.
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